Beautiful Crystals

My interest, love and curiosity of crystals started when I was 9 years old when I bought on a school excursion from a gift shop in Jindabyne a small packet of mixed crystal chips. Since then I have been fascinated with them and a passionate (maybe obsessive is a better word) collector of these beautiful Earth creations. One of my greatest joys is sneaking some time to increase my knowledge about them.

Whether you believe in their healing powers or just like the look of them, I do believe it is all about the connection you feel, particularly when it is held. However, it is not unusual to find that you are just attracted to a particular one for no apparent reason, it just keeps drawing you back. This is important as that crystal will resonate with you, with your energy - even if its only purpose is to simply bring you joy because you "just liked it". 

So if you love these stones as much as I do or just looking for a gift for someone special, then have a look at my collection of some of Natures works of joy.


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