$2 Clamshell Soy Melts

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$2 Clamshell Soy Melts

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I have decided to discount those melts with the old labels or the packaging is slightly damaged - I hate the thought of throwing out to landfill perfectly good soy melts just because the label or packaging is no longer relevant or has some slight wear imperfections (outdoor markets can be very harsh on packaging and labels!) 

Lots of beautiful fragrances to choose from, lots of favourites. If you love your melts, take advantage of this special or use this opportunity to try something new. All of these melts are hand-poured in natural soy wax with no added chemicals. There is nothing wrong with these melts, just the label/packaging is now obsolete or shows signs of wear.

Natural soy wax can have a tendency to come away from the container, naturally 'çrack' or have a white powdery look (called ‘frosting’) due to temperature changes, particularly cold weather. If your chosen melt has done this, DO NOT WORRY - your melt will perform perfectly well and smell as it should. There are chemicals that can stop this from occurring but I do not use them - I like my products to be as natural as they can be.

Clamshell melts are individually hand-poured in natural soy wax and Australian certified premium fragrance. The packaging is designed that a block can be broken off easily and placed in the top of your favourite tealight burner. 

Each little square melt will last a minimum of 14-16 hours. 

 Sumari Blue soy wax will add a touch of luxury and peaceful ambience to any space. Our candles and melts are individually hand-poured in natural soy wax and Australian certified premium fragrance - I do not add chemicals or additives. Free from phthalates.

Proudly Australian-made. 


* NEVER heat a melt for longer than 4 hours at a time - please do not place 9-hour tealights in your traditional tealight burner as they will excessively heat up (and overheat) an oil burner potentially causing it to crack or explode. Same applies to an electric oil burner.