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Indulge yourself with this soothing, relaxing bath soak hand-mixed by Highlands Cottage Soaps.


Himalayan Rock Salt, Sea Salt, Rock Salt, Epsom Salts, Vitamin E, Botanicals, French Lavender Essential Oil


How To Use:

Pour your desired amount into a bath and once dissolved, lay back, relax and enjoy for around 20 minutes. The magnesium in the Epsom Salts soothes tired muscles while the Himalayan Salt promotes sleep, detoxification and stress. Sea and Rock Salt ease achy muscles while stimulating circulation, can help irritated skin, and relieve stress.

Pair with your favourite glass of wine or cup of herbal tea, your favourite music and light a gorgeous natural candle for the ultimate evening bath.

Rinse or shower after with fresh water if you wish.

These bath salts are 100% natural and are really sensitive to things that aren’t. So don’t use salts with your usual shower products as it can interfere with the minerals (and anyway, the bath salts have a cleansing effect on the skin so you shouldn’t need them). 

(While this product is totally natural, if any sensitivity occurs, discontinue use.)