Fantasy Unicorn Box - Raspberry Unicorn
Fantasy Unicorn Box - Raspberry Unicorn
Fantasy Unicorn Box - Raspberry Unicorn
Fantasy Unicorn Box - Raspberry Unicorn
Fantasy Unicorn Box - Raspberry Unicorn
Fantasy Unicorn Box - Raspberry Unicorn
Fantasy Unicorn Box - Raspberry Unicorn

Sumari Blue

Fantasy Unicorn Box - Raspberry Unicorn

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This box is perfect for that someone that likes a little bit of fantasy in their life.


This beautiful giftbox consists of a hand-poured large raspberry unicorn candle and a packet of hand-made Fairy Bath Dust. This box is a collaborative project between Sumari Blue and Highlands Cottage Soaps. 


Unicorn Candle made by Sumari Blue

Hand-poured from my own blend of soy wax and organic beeswax. I have found that the beeswax, when mixed with the natural soy wax, provides a gorgeous shine and hardness to the candle.

Premium Fragrance: Raspberry & Vanilla


Dimensions: approx. 13cm tall

A Note About The Mold: this is one of my favourite molds! As this is a mold I have had for a long time, unfortunately it has become obsolete so I literally only have one! So that means, these candles can only be made one at a time. The mold is a 2-piece mold which means the unicorn will have side seams where the mold joins - these joins are hand carved to take away any bulging edges that can occur. These molds also require a double-pour making this candle quite labour-intensive.


An Important Note About Pillar Candles: Pillar candles do have the potential to melt over their edges and should ALWAYS be placed on a heat-proof plate.  NEVER burn a candle for longer than four hours.

Like all Sumari Blue products, there are no added chemicals or additives - just natural wax and premium fragrance.  All our fragrances are Phthalate free.


Fairy Bath Dust made by Highlands Cottage Soaps

Hand-made from their own tested recipe. Natural ingredients used.

Essential Oil: Rose Geranium

Just pour as much or as little fairy dust into your bath and relax... 


 Sumari Blue soy wax candles will add a touch of luxury and peaceful ambience to any space. Our candles are individually hand-poured in natural soy wax and premium fragrance - we do not add chemicals or additives. Our wicks are a braid of lead-free cotton. Free from phthalates.

If you notice small white marks on your candle, this is known as 'frosting', which is completely natural and a very common effect of soy wax - it does not effect the performance of your candle. There are chemicals that can be used to inhibit this trait - be pleased that you have a candle that has no added chemicals.

Proudly Australian-made. 


* ALWAYS place your soy candle on a heat proof plate - NEVER place directly onto furniture surface as the candle could mark the surface.

* NEVER burn a candle for longer than 4 hours at a time.

* ALWAYS trim your wick to around 6mm before each burn - a trimmed wick creates a calm, steady flame which means the candle's burning process is in balance. A short wick gives a cleaner, brighter flame and an even burn, while a long wick can cause smoking and can cause mushrooming of the wick (where a mushroom-like shape forms at the top of the wick which obscures and disturbs the flame - it can even spark or crackle if not removed!)