FRENCH LAVENDER (essential oil) - SOLD OUT!
FRENCH LAVENDER (essential oil) - SOLD OUT!

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FRENCH LAVENDER (essential oil) - SOLD OUT!

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Soap has a beautiful 'silky' feel to the lather. Botanicals (lavender) is sprinkled on the top.


Base Oils - Coconut, Castor and Olive

Sunflower Oil

Cocoa Butter

Eco Glitter, Vitamin E

Botaniacals, Mineral Mica (for colour) 

Size (approx.): 8cm (length) x 7cm (height) x 2cm (width)


- the smell may be mild of the raw soap which is completely normal - once used with warm/hot water, fragrance should intensify.

 - Photos are of one or more soaps from a batch - while all bars look similar, no two soaps are identical. Soap ordered will not necessarily be the soap in the photo but it will be from the photographed soaps batch (a batch is 7-8 soap bars).