Maxi Soy Tealights with Premium Fragrance
Maxi Soy Tealights with Premium Fragrance

Sumari Blue

Maxi Soy Tealights with Premium Fragrance

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Maxi Tealights burn between 12 and 15 hours.

The Maxi Tealights cups are made using 100% flame retardant non-toxic polycarbonate.                                                                          

They have a raised bottom for better protection of surfaces (although we always recommend that any container candle be placed on a heat resistant surface to protect furniture).

Size: 59 mm by 25 mm

Maxi tealights come in a box of 4.

We pride ourselves on delivering to you a quality candle - our tealights do not have chemicals or additives added to them. Once ordered, your tealights are made for you. You will be receiving a 'fresh' product, not one that has been sitting on a shelf.


Australian Candle-maker: Sue Murray

PLEASE NOTEif you are after a particular Sumari Blue fragrance that you have purchased before but it is not listed here, please contact us to see if it is still available.