SOY WAX BRITTLE - 'Raspberry & Vanilla'

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SOY WAX BRITTLE - 'Raspberry & Vanilla'

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If you love our wax melts, you'll LOVE our soy wax brittle! As an artisan product, this brittle has been hand-poured as one batch with lots of love! 


You can use as much or as little as you like so you control the fragrance - like all our melts, our brittle is tripled-scented. Just place some pieces in your oil burner and let our premium fragrance do the rest!


This is fragranced one of our Top 10 fragrances 'Raspberry & Vanilla'.


As our products are small batch products, once it's sold, it's gone! Photos are of the product.


Approximately 50 grams (no less) per pack - around 4-6 pieces (pieces vary in size). Made from natural soy wax, vegetable-based dye, premium fragrance and eco-glitter - no added chemicals or additives.



* ALL candle products should be burnt for NO LONGER than 4 hours (including melts) - only use a 4-hour metal tealight in traditional oil burners. If using an electric oil-burner, ensure it is on for no longer than 4-hours. Burning longer than 4-hours can crack your oil burner due to excessive heat as well as drain the fragrance from the melt.


* Having trouble removing a melt from your oil burner? Place the dish/burner in the fridge for 15-30 mins. The melt should then, if made from a natural soy wax designed for melts, be able to pop straight out when 'pushed'.