Spooky Box
Spooky Box
Spooky Box
Spooky Box

Sumari Blue

Spooky Box

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This box was designed for anyone who loves Halloween and anything spooky!

Perfect for that little someone who may not be able to go Trick or Treating but will still be able to get into the spirit of Halloween.

The Spooky Box contains heaps of fun stuff:

* Hand-poured Sumari Blue small Black Tin in of our Trick or Treat premium fragrances

(Child-safe option: Candle will smell dastardly delicious for a long time without ever burning it - just pop in a warm spot like a window sill)

* Black bat Push Pop Bubble

* Pair of Halloween socks (one size)

* 1 x Wizz Fizz

* 1 x Halloween Duck

* 2 x Halloween Ink Stamps

* Teeth Lollies

* 1 x metal Halloween spoon

* 2 x Bat Paper Drinking Straws

* Trolli 'Hot Dog' lolly

* 1 x Ring Pop

* 1 x Gumball Machine (with gumballs)

* 1 x sheet of Halloween Tattoos

* 1 x mini Halloween cat and 1 x mini bat figurines

* 10 x Halloween stickers

* 1 x 170gm pkt of Allens lollies (variety depends on availability)

* 1 x hand-made Highlands Cottage Soaps Halloween Natural Oils Soap to wash away all that Trick or Treating stickiness!

All boxed up in a spooky black box: 22 x 16 x 7cm

 Sumari Blue candles are individually hand-poured in natural soy wax and premium fragrance - we do not add chemicals or additives. Our wicks are a braid of lead-free cotton. Free from phthalates.

If you notice small white marks on your candle, this is known as 'frosting', which is completely natural and a very common effect of soy wax - it does not effect the performance of your candle. There are chemicals that can be used to inhibit this trait - be pleased that you have a candle that has no added chemicals.

Proudly Australian-made. 


* ALWAYS place your soy candle on a heat proof plate - NEVER place directly onto furniture surface as the candle could mark the surface.

* NEVER burn a candle for longer than 4 hours at a time.

* ALWAYS trim your wick to around 6mm before each burn - a trimmed wick creates a calm, steady flame which means the candle's burning process is in balance. A short wick gives a cleaner, brighter flame and an even burn, while a long wick can cause smoking and can cause mushrooming of the wick (where a mushroom-like shape forms at the top of the wick which obscures and disturbs the flame - it can even spark or crackle if not removed!) 

* When you first burn your candle, make sure to let the wax melt all the way to the edge of the jar.

ALWAYS burn your candle on a heat resistant surface/plate, within sight and away from children. NEVER place directly onto furniture surface as the candle could mark the surface.

* AVOID drafts and direct sunlight.

* NEVER burn candles on or near anything flammable.

* HANDLE the candle with care as the jar and wax may become hot.