About Us

I have always loved candles and their associated scents wafting through my home. After having a reaction to what was a gorgeous candle product once it was lit, I did some research and discovered that additives (chemicals) can be added to stabilise the wax. Since 2012 I have been making my own candle products - all individually poured with no added chemicals - and over time family, friends and friends of friends have been asking more and more to buy my products. So in September 2017, “Sumari Blue” was born aiming to produce beautiful candles and melts that won’t break the bank.

As my beautiful Mum and talented sister made hand-made luxury soap and hand-sewn crafts, we decided to 'share' a stall and in April 2018, we were invited to attend Mittagong Markets. Sumari Blue now also includes the wood-working talents of Martin Murray, who crafts beautiful tealight holders for my tealights.

Sumari Blue can now be found monthly at Exeter Country Village Markets, Mittagong Markets and Berry Bowling Club Markets and has also attended the annual Helensburgh Lions Club Country Fair.